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I recently got the great opportunity to catch up with rising Colorado native, Baby A, for this new exclusive interview! Baby A recently released his project titled Good Guys Wear Black. In the interview he talks about some artists he’s currently listening to, two of his favorite albums, his musical plans for 2014, and more. Check it out below!

One Throne: First of all, introduce yourself!

Baby A: Well, I am Baby A Colorado native, rapper, artist, writer and entrepreneur.

One Throne: Who are some of your biggest hip-hop influences?

Baby A: Tupac, 50 cent, Jay Z, Bone Thugs in Harmony, T.I.

One Throne: It seems like a lot of your tracks speak to the women out there. Have you had a lot of heartbreaks? What has caused you to create these types of songs?

Baby A: No, I haven’t had a lot of heartbreaks at all. There has been a letdown or two, I wouldn’t necessarily call it heartbreak just some letdowns. I want it to be known it’s cool to have feelings.

One Throne: Who are some artists that you’re currently listening to?

Baby A: Lil Wayne, Drake, YG, Problem, Young Jeezy, and waiting on 50 to drop something new. Iggy, Lorde, and Beyonce.

One Throne: If you were going to be stranded on an island and could only take two albums with you, which two would you choose?

Baby A: Tupac’s Makaveli 7 Day Theory and Good Guys Wear Black of course.

One Throne: What was it like shooting the “Soak N Wet” video? Seemed like a good time!

Baby A: It was a great time. There was great chemistry between the models, the videographer, and myself was awesome. The video had a natural flow to it, which made it easy to get through. When you have sistahs willing to get their hair wet you know there is great vibes in the building!

One Throne: What are your musical plans for 2014? Releasing an album or mixtape this year?

Baby A: Well GGWB came out this year. I would like to drop a mixtape including some singles I have been working on.

One Throne: Time for our random interview question…who do you have winning the NBA playoffs this year?

Baby A: OKC, I know they are down 2-1 right now, but they are well rounded.

One Throne: Anything else you’d like to add?

Baby A: Besides being blessed I am just thankful to have these opportunities. I am excited to reveal myself to the world and getting a global opinion about my music, my craft, and my talents.

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  1. 8ight Tha Sk8
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    I see you bro…keep grinding !!!!!

  2. Kaeci
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    That’s what’s up Baby A! Keep makin that music to ride to…. #GGWB

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