[Exclusive] One Throne Interviews City Boi

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I recently caught up with up-and-coming artist City Boi for a brand new interview! City Boi is a part of the group A.M.N. and recently released his new mixtape, ICE CREAM. In the interview he talks about some artists he’s currently listening, his plans for the rest of the year, the NBA playoffs, and more. Check out the full interview below!

(Note: This interview was done during early May 2014).

One Throne: Welcome! Introduce yourself!

City Boi: City Boi, producer, artist 1/4 of the group A.M.N. (Which stands for All My Niggas, I know ratchet right lol)

One Throne: How did you get into rapping?

City Boi: As a troubled youth I had a passion and love for music, which pushed me toward band in school. After being kicked out of school there was no more band, only rap. So that’s how it happened (Wasn’t even try to rhyme).

One Throne: Who are some of your favorite artists of all time?

City Boi: Ok,
-Michael Jackson

One Throne: Which artists are you currently listening to and what do you think of the current state of hip-hop?

City Boi: I listen to Vic Mensa, Scarface, K Kamp, and A.M.N. On the current state of hip hop is I think it’s coming back around becoming more lyrical and having more content. The industry went through a dumb faze, and when I say dumb faze I mean bubble gum lyrics.

One Throne: You have a track dropping with Omekka (of Famsquad) soon. How did you link up with him?

City Boi: I linked up with Omekka through my management team which consists of Keeynote and Jon Tewnes.

One Throne: What are your musical plans for this year? Dropping an EP?

City Boi: On the 17th of May I will be dropping a mixtape entitled “I.C.E. C.R.E.A.M.”, which is an acronym for “It’s Cool Everyone, Cash Rules Everything around Me” with my group A.M.N. which is being hosted by DJ Ransom Dollars. And my E.P. will be coming early third quarter.

One Throne: Time for One Throne’s random interview question…who do you have winning the NBA playoffs?

City Boi: Me, I am a Chicago Bulls fan, and we already got put out by the Washington Wizards; so with being said I think OKC is gonna win.

One Throne: Anything else you’d like to add?

City Boi: Thanks One Throne for having me, hope to get a great mixtape review from you guys, Mixtape coming soon!

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