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DJG writes his own rules. The skilled Chicago upstart has a penchant for wordplay and a mind for the boardroom. When he’s not developing RareBreedRecords with Larry Gordy and Showout he’s working with Grammy Award Winning producers and lighting up the stage. The self described “Concious Gangster” spent time carefully crafting his new project an entertaining balance of content enjoyable for backpackers and radio listeners alike. – KEEYNOTE.COM

In this exclusive interview, DJG talks about being a “conscious gangster”, his favorite Chicago artists, plans for 2015, and more. Check it out below!

One Throne: So DJG, you describe yourself as a “conscious gangster”. Expand on that a little more and tell us exactly what you mean.

DJG: Meaning that I’m fully aware of the rights & wrongs of the world & why it is the way it is but I choose to cater street music to my audience with a dose of consciousness.

One Throne: Who are your favorite artists from Chicago?

DJG: Common, Kanye, Beadz, Sinatris…it’s not enough room on the page we should be running the game.

One Throne: What are your plans for 2015? A new EP or what?

DJG: Right now we’re planning an album release in the near future.

One Throne: What are your top three favorite albums of all time?

DJG:DMX/ Flesh of my flesh blood of my blood, TUPAC/Makeveli, Nas/ I Am.

One Throne: Who do you have winning the NBA championship, Cavs or Warriors?

DJG: I don’t believe in sports after the super bowl, so whoever stands to sell the most jerseys.

One Throne: Any shout outs you’d like to give?

DJG: Shout out my Label RAREBREED RECORDS, Keeynote, my home town Chicago, all my supporters, & last but not least any one whoever counted me out stay tuned.

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