[Exclusive] One Throne Interviews Pyro Dinero

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The self proclaimed Indiananimal perfectly blends gritty street narrative with classic pop songwriting. Melody is at the foundation of Pyro’s compositions along with the universal concepts of trials, triumphs and family. Listeners caught a glimpse of Pyro’s style when he appeared on Famsquad’s “Murda Dem” record along with GLC earlier this year. – Keeynote.com

In our exclusive interview with Pyro Dinero, he talks about his new EP, NBA playoffs, and more. Check it out below!

One Throne: To start off, who are some of your favorite rappers?

Pyro Dinero: With so many talented rappers and styles I have many but at this moment
it has to be Jay-Z ,Kanye West, and J. Cole.

One Throne: Do you have any projects coming out soon?

Pyro Dinero: I have an EP dropping in a couple months. I have no set release date as of right now because I’m still in the process of selecting the best songs for
the project but I’ma say this right now…it’s gon’ be HOT!

One Throne: The movie Mad Max: Fury Road was recently released. Have you seen it or are you a fan of movies? What are some of your favorites?

Pyro Dinero: No, I haven’t seen Mad Max yet and with my schedule with business, work and music I don’t get to the movies often. Some of my favorite movies are
Half Baked, Don’t Be A Menace, and Paid In Full.

One Throne: What are your thoughts on the NBA playoffs?

Pyro Dinero: Well since my Bulls are out, I just wanna see some good series but my
prediction is Cleveland and Golden State in the finals- with Steph Curry
winning it all and the MVP because I’m still mad LeBron took us out lol.

One Throne: I saw that you’re from and/or currently live in Chicago, IL. Who are some of your favorite Chicago artists?

Pyro Dinero: Yea I’m from Illiana on the borderline of Illinois and Indiana but my
favorite have to be of course Kanye West, Do Or Die, Twista, Lupe Fiasco
and Jeremih.

One Throne: What else do you have planned for the rest of 2015 and beyond?

Pyro Dinero: I’m just planning to drop this EP and connecting with the fans. Once I
drop my project I’ll be shooting videos and hitting all the blogs and
rocking shows so be on lookout!

One Throne: Any shout outs you’d like to give?

Pyro Dinero: I wanna s/o all my Illiana artists thats on the come up. Its a lot of
talent around my way but we don’t got that exposure as the East, West
and down South but soon will be different. And s/o anybody who has a dream
and working towards it keep your eyes on the prize…and can’t forget s/o
to One Throne!

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