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Clarksville, Tennessee rapper Tim Gent took the time to answer a few questions with One Throne. Gearing up for his most anticipated release Clarksville Nights, he tells what it’s like to be a rapper from a smaller city, gives us a few insiders about the project, and more!

Thanks for your time. Let’s start.

One Throne: We are excited for your upcoming release Clarksville Nights, what happens on a typical Clarksville night for you?

Tim Gent: Lately, because I’ve been working and penny pinching, a typical Clarksville Nights for Gent would be headphones and a sip or two. If im not actually in the studio tightening things up, I’m listening for what can be tightened. A year or 2 ago tho, it’d be high times and trying to find a move w/ my rounds.

One Throne: Which track are you most ready for people to hear on this new project? Why is that track special?

Tim Gent: Honestly If I had to pick one, it’d be Product. It’s the first track but I just love how it sounds. It Sums up my situation real smooth-like. My sister and I really took flight on the singing too so I just love the vibe.

One Throne: What can the fans expect from features and production on Clarksville Nights?

Tim Gent: I’ve only got 2 features on this one and that’s my sister, Drisana. She’s the truth w the vocals. I’ve also got the Clarksville OG, Case Arnold, who’s got a strong campaign going for his sound as well. Free P is on all the production and I feel like he’s the future so the fans can expect a smooth situation w/ variations of head nodding. It’s riding.

One Throne: This is sort of a typical question, but who are your influences?

Tim Gent: Musiq Soulchild being number one. I’m a Huge Kanye fan. I dig Kendrick’s situation. His Section 80 really turned my artistry up on a “taking things seriously” note. The list would go on and on but those are my big 3.

One Throne: What is your favorite memory from a concert you attended or performed at?

Tim Gent: I’ve only been to one major artist’s concert and that was J. Cole back in 2011. He performed “Farewell” in Atlanta and was pointing folks out in the crowd and he pointed me out. I was like 18 so it was mad live to me. For myself it would have to be a show I did in Knoxville, Tn for a fraternity in 2014. It was way too deep. There were way too many women.

One Throne: Tell us about being a rapper from a smaller city, what’s your favorite thing about representing Tennessee?

Tim Gent: Makes me feel like the underdog, somewhat. It’s like trying to hit the league coming out of a D2 school, you just gotta ball out and go hard and make your stars align.

One Throne: What else comes with this anticipated release? Any show announcements?

Tim Gent: That’s all in the works

One Throne: To all the new fans that hear Clarksville Nights, what do they need to know about Tim Gent?

Tim Gent: I’m a hardworking brother. I got a 9-5 like them. I got bills like them. I got a kid and I just love making music, man. I’m a human just like them so take it for what it is, Ya know. I pray they enjoy. God bless.

Make sure to download Clarksville Nights coming very soon. And while you wait, catch up on what you’ve been missing.

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    clarksville nights rivals acid rap … Easy S/O Tim

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