[Mixtape] Fenix & Mikey AK – We Made Clouds

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It’s here!

After funding their Kickstarter campaign in a little over 24 hours, the duo of Mikey AK and Fenix finally get the opportunity to release their debut collaboration mixtape, We Made Clouds. Knowing what transpired in their lives and what it took for these two to even get the project off the ground, I know it’s a huge deal for them, and it’s a big deal for me too, just as a fan of the music and the artists. The project is full of relate-able content, wrapped in dope lyrical talent and a slew of effortless flows as the two go back and forth rattling off their differing, yet complimentary, rhyme schemes and cadences. You can feel the trials & tribulations, energy, aspiration, inspiration, motivation, passion, and dedication from these two as the mixtape presses on, complimented by ‘How To Make It in America’ quips that convey the feeling of coming up and working to achieve greatness. The two put themselves in their music and the result is an authentic listening experience from start to finish, and this is only the beginning. We Made Clouds is an awesome project that offers range in content, delivery, and ability, while the two maintain their own personalities on each track, and yes, it’s good in the whip.

Stream the We Made Clouds project below and be sure to follow Fenix and Mikey AK on Twitter, as well as the engineer behind the whole thing, Parish Carter! Hit em up and let’s talk favorite verses, lines, songs, etc!

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