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“Love Me For Me.” A powerful statement made by Indiana-based lyricist Barz Da Beast through his clothing line. Based primarily in Indiana, Barz’ line has developed a strong homegrown following that will definitely continue to spread as his music does. One Throne recently caught up with Barz to discuss his brand and some of what inspires his personal style.






What was the inspiration for the “Love Me For Me” brand?

“It’s ‘Love Me For Me.’ We live in a culture where the media teaches us fat
people are unattractive, light skin is somehow better than dark skin, gay
people are the devil, black people who speak proper English ‘talk white,’
white people who like the hip hop culture are ‘trying to be black.’ We
place unrealistic expectations of beauty on our women so they aren’t
comfortable looking in the mirror. People buy things they can’t afford
to impress people who don’t even matter, and the list goes on. ‘Love Me For
Me’ is simply about being you. It’s a statement to the world that you refuse
to be a slave to their way of thinking. We refuse to be programmed into
being so closed minded.”



What are some of the go-to items you have in your closet?

“Ralph Lauren anything is a win for me. I’ve got polo shirts, button ups, v
necks, sweaters, jackets, etc…can’t go wrong with Ralph (chuckles). A
fresh pair of wheat Timbs are always a good choice too….they’re perfect
for almost any situation.”


What kind of messages do you like to send with your daily outfits?

“Honestly I don’t try to send a message with my day-to-day outfits, I just
rock what I think is dope. I think that’s more important than anything. I
remember in high school I’d wear clothes that I didn’t even like just
because it was the trend at the time. Nothing wrong with keeping up with
what’s current, but don’t lose yourself trying to fit in.”
Are there any people in the music or fashion industry who’s style you
“Some of the people I rock with on the fashion side include Kanye, Pusha T,
Pharrell, Fabolous, Wale, Teyana Taylor, ASAP Rocky, FAMSQUAD, Janelle
Monae,  Scott Disick of the Kardashian’s,  and my hometown homie French
Vibes (who’ll be dropping a dope line soon). A name that might surprise you
is Childish Gambino. I saw an interview of him wearing an old Granny
cardigan that literally had a hole in it, with a Hawaiian flower button up
shirt underneath. I would never wear it, but I thought it was dope that he
did (chuckles). It’s all about wearing what you like regardless of what
people say.”



How do you want your clothing/personal style to interact with your music?

“I’m into high quality fly shit but I’m not flashy. I’d rather wear a $200
shirt with a small logo, or no logo at all, than to wear a big logo. Only
the people with similar fashion sense will know what I’m wearing.  I’ll rock
a nice watch but no chain. I’m a lot more stylish than flashy. My music isn’t
flashy either. You can have style without being flashy, and sometimes people
can be real flashy but lack style.”


Did the city you grew up in have any impact on your style today?

“No. I just wear what I like. I remember in high school sometimes I’d wear
suits for no reason at all. Imagine seeing me walking to first period in a
3 piece suit, tie, handkerchief, and dress shoes…… everybody else had
on Jordan’s and throwback jerseys at the time. Some people thought my
style was dope and others thought I was a weirdo.  Some of my homies
started wearing suits on occasion to school. I was wearing Ralph Lauren and
fitted jeans (not skinny jeans) when it wasn’t cool for dudes in the hood.
I remember wearing a TRU Religion hoodie on ’07. Nobody knew what it was.
Some dudes used to laugh at me. Years later they’re wearing the same thing
they made jokes about. That’s how it goes though…”


Wise words from a fly man. Be on the lookout for more music from Barz this fall and follow him on Twitter @BarzDaBeast…. Your welcome.

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