One Throne Recaps @URLTV’s #NOME5 Event

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First of all, I did NOT attend NOME 5 this past Saturday but I did purchase the PPV stream. I thought overall, it was a great event and the stream wasn’t lagging at all! The purpose of this post is to breakdown each battle from the event and give y’all some insight into what went down! We’ll start with the first battle that took place, K-Shine vs. Aye Verb.

K-Shine vs. Aye Verb

Going in to this battle, I wasn’t a huge fan of K-Shine or Aye Verb. K-Shine versus Mr. Wavy took place at URL’s “Rookies vs. Vets” event and K-Shine was rushing a lot of his bars and I wasn’t too big on that performance. HOWEVER, K-Shine showed up versus Aye Verb and 3-0′d him (in my opinion of course). Aye Verb had some shit in the first round and had a nice “showtime” but K-Shine was just too much. I think that crowd wasn’t really fuckin’ with Aye Verb in the second and third round because of the way he spits his bars, he kind of acts like the fans are beneath him (status wise).

DNA vs. Serius Jones

DNA just came off a victory against Chess in the “Rookies vs. Vets” event. Serius Jones on the other hand, has recently battled Head Ice and I didn’t even watch that battle because I’ve never been a big fan of Serius. Both DNA and Jones have freestyle ability and they showed it during this battle. I have DNA taking the first round, Serius might have took the second, and the third could go either way but I give a slight edge to DNA. DNA had the crowd on his side early in the battle but then Serius really picked it up during the second round and landed some haymakers. This was probably Serius’ best performance in a while and hopefully this battle will give DNA a boost of confidence going into his battle at Summer Madness later this year.

Jaz The Rapper vs. Official

I’ve only watched one female battle before so I wasn’t familiar with Official going into this battle. I knew of Jaz and had seen a few of her rounds before/listened to some of her music. Official really had the crowd going nuts throughout this whole battle and had a line about Jaz’s sex life. The line went something like this…”How are we supposed to believe that you pop a gat when you haven’t even popped your cherry!”. I might give one round to Jaz but overall I’d say Official won. Maybe that will change when the footage comes out on YouTube but we’ll have to wait and see.

Charlie Clips vs. Hollow Da Don

People have been waiting for this battle for a while, including myself. Hollow went first and spazzed in his first round! He talked about how a lot Clips’ lines were predictable and had a lot of good angles in this round. Clips’ first round included a lot of great BARS that were general but not as many angles about Hollow as a person. I can’t remember Hollow’s second round exactly but Clips’ second round dealt a lot with battlers besides Hollow. Clips called out different people in Hollow’s entourage including Cortez. He talked about how they kind of betrayed Clips. I would give Hollow the second round just because Clips spent too much time focusing on people besides Hollow.

In the third round, Hollow started getting booed a little bit. Clips’ third round was what I was expecting Clips to do the whole battle, he left earth! Clips went the fuck in and easily took round three. He had a stretch of bars where he started Aye Verb’s “showtime” and a bunch of other battler’s “slogans”. Clips ended the bar with Shang Tsung (from Mortal Kombat) and how he merged every battler’s style that he’s killed. It was probably the coldest line of the whole battle. Overall, I’d give the second round to Hollow, the third to Clips, and the first could go either way but I’m going to give the edge to Hollow. If Clips didn’t beat around the bush as much in the second round then he could’ve easily taken this battle. Some people are saying Clips won off of the strength of his third round alone. Maybe it’ll be more clear when the battle drops on YouTube.

Tay Roc vs. Tsu Surf

This battle was a little underwhelming to me. I gave the first round to Tay Roc and the next two rounds to Tsu Surf.

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