One Throne’s 10 Favorite Albums Of 2013

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We finally put together our first end of the year list and this one contains none other than our ten favorite albums of 2013 (not best). We have some albums on here that most of you are probably familiar with and some picks that maybe you don’t know too much about. Either way, we finally narrowed it down and compiled a list so check it out below!

We’ll also be releasing our “End Of The Year” lists for our favorite mixtapes, most underrated projects, favorite producers, and more. Stay tuned and like I said peep our first list below! Enjoy!

NOTE: The albums are not in any particular order. Contributing writers to this article include @TheAse3, @TyZebruh, @AustinTobak, @RepMyCityX, @androstorres, and @ILLwildcat.

Artwork done by @SuckaFreeTee.



King Push delivered a dope album. As corny as the unintentional pun was, it’s true. After a great amount of waiting and waiting, we finally got that solo Pusha T album, and while there were a couple tracks I could’ve done without (“Who I Am”, and that Kelly Rowland joint) the rest is just what I imagined and, most of all, wanted from Pusha T. Just pure rap, wrapped in hard-hitting production that fits the overall scope of the album, served to the fans in a package that speaks for itself. From the bass-heavy “Numbers on the Board” to the Ab-Liva assisted “Suicide” to Rick Ross continuing his pattern of never lackin’ on his features, everything this Pusha T album sets out to do, it does convincingly. The VA spitter is one of the better rappers in the game, and that’s for a good reason, the man is raw with his product, and because of that, My Name is My Name has gotten spins on spins on spins. WOO! Just keep that “Who I Am” track far away from me and this album will continue to be great.


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