One Throne’s 14 Most Underrated Projects Of 2013

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Hello all! First of all, sorry for the major delay in this list. 2013 was another great year for hip-hop and the underground continued to provide some great mixtapes and albums. We here at One Throne compiled a list of projects that we thought were really dope and might have gone “under the radar”. If you’re looking for some new hip-hop to check out and/or want to listen to some quality rap music, then check out our list below!

NOTE: The mixtapes are not in any particular order. Contributing writers to this article include @TheAse3, @TyZebruh, @AustinTobak, & @RepMyCityX.

Artwork done by @SuckaFreeTee.



Retch is a wild dude yo. I’ll admit, I only got into him over the last couple of months or so due to his verse on Blue Chips 2, but I mean, if you leave an impression like he did, you’ll get new fans. Polo Sporting Goods is the collaborative spawn between New Jersey rapper, Retch, and the always great producer, Thelonius Martin. A one-MC, one-producer project that sticks true to a grimy essence from start to finish, and it’s executed really well. Retch just says the wildest shit and follows it up with more dope shit, and sprinkles some extra wild dope shit on the side…and it’s all entertaining and great.

The dude can clearly rap, and his visuals are also equally entertaining. Whether he’s calling women potential sacrifices on ‘Odd Sweaters 1992′, gracefully removing your jewels in the intro, delving a bit into some storytelling on Special Jim, or smoking blunts on trains, Retchy P’s coined “lifestyle rap” is full of exuberant life and it’s a project that everybody should check out if they want some some dope rapping over production that Thelonius Martin makes just as great and enjoyable. The beats are reminiscent of older tri-state area influences but still maintain an updated and fresh sound that keeps the project from sounding like some knock-off, stuck-in-the-90’s rap. Polo Sporting Goods is an awesome listen and once it’s over, it loops right through without ever stopping it’s pace, which gives it replay value without listeners even realizing it.


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