Good Hip-Hop duos are hard to come by. Balancing personalities and egos can already be a difficult task, but duos that manage to find their special connection on wax are liable to produce some unbeatable greatness. Indiana-based spitters O.O.A.K. and D Rich are ready to be the next Hip-Hop team-up you should have on your radar. OT caught up with the two about their early fashion memories, individuality, and some of the brands on their radar

D Rich + OOAK.

So you guys are from Indiana. Growing up, what was hot with the youth? What were you guys into wearing back then and has any of that stuck around until now?

O.O.A.K.: ​We were both born in Indiana but raised in Tennessee. Growing up, everyone was into the Coogi look with Jordans or whatever shoe their favorite basketball player was sporting at the time; and some of the other youth were wearing duck polos with boots and maybe some camo here and there. Neither of which really appealed to me besides the Jordans and camo, which I still wear on a daily basis. Besides that my style has always been about individuality. Sometimes I wore khakis with my J’s , and I was a big fan of flashy jackets and coats; sometimes I wore ball shorts with a Jersey, or cargo with camo

D ­Rich: ​Back then, I remember rocking tons of different styles, the white tee, and plaid shorts. Everybody wanted to rock Coogi at one point in time. We all still rock Jordans. Back in the day I really wore Nike sweats and a hoodie; and now joggers are in style so that’s stuck with me for sure.

Was there anything in particular you wish you could’ve copped back then but never had the chance to?

O.O.A.K.: ​Honestly I’ve never been much on material possessions. If I saw it, liked it, and could afford it I bought it. If not, I knew I would live to fight another day. I’ve never really been one to dwell on what could have been, as long as my brother and sister were taken care of and I had clothes on my back, I was good.

D ­Rich: ​There’s a lot of things I wished for. I’ve always wanted a real gold chain. I’m not one to stand in line for the new Jordans, but don’t get me wrong I love my shoes. I would like to show my hustle in a certain way, and a real piece is one.


You guys are definitely dedicated to sending the right message through your music and changing minds. Are there any kind of messages you try to send with your personal style?

O.O.A.K.: ​Be yourself man…. this world is full of people who wanna be like someone else. Trends end; and when you hit the scene with individuality, people notice you and you become the person they wanna emulate. There’s no greater feeling than being admired for being yourself.

D­ Rich:​ Never fall back on who you are. If you feel dapper in your own way take it and bombard the situation. I’m trying to be a young trendsetter for my fans & listeners to let people know everyone has an opinion.

​Are there any brands that have really caught your eye recently? Are there any brands out there that you swear by or really support?

O.O.A.K.: ​I’m a Jordan fan. I rock Marc Ecko, love me 4 me clothing by Barz Da Beast, and HHB clothing has really been catching my eye lately; and many others, my mind is always open to check out new brands.

D ­Rich: ​I like a few different brands. Nike, Jordan, Young and Reckless, and many designers.

drich 2

If you could describe your style in a couple different words, what would they be?

O.O.A.K.: ​(One of a kind) and strategic

D ­Rich: ​Clean but also dirty if that makes sense.

What kind of effect has being artists had on your personal style? Has Hip-­Hop influenced the way you guys dress?

O.O.A.K.: ​I have to make sure I’m on point at all times, while at the same time maintaining individuality. It’s opened me up to a whole other level ; Hip-­Hop’s like a catalog. You don’t have to take the idea and copy it, you take pieces and test them out to see what else can be created. It’s all about ideas and turning them into concepts.

D ­Rich: ​I think it had a bit, I mean growing up loving music who didn’t want to be like their favorite artist? Now you hear every other artist talking about designer, who doesn’t wanna cop something. So I think it has an effect on how artists, and even fans dress.

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  1. Sonya Smith
    | Reply

    These r MY boys. I am so proud for them and where they come in there music career. I can’t wait too see what else god blesses us with. Love y’all so much!

  2. Autumn Rainey
    | Reply

    These two are gonna do big things and I’m excited for it!!

  3. Jacob Janek
    | Reply

    Gonna be the hottest group in the GAME.

  4. William Gillioun
    | Reply

    thay have been my boy’s as long as i can remember and yall can do anything thing yall put your minds.Y’all got this

  5. Stormie Jones
    | Reply

    It’s nice to see someone you grew up in a small town (like Linden) with make it out and make something of themselves. Go hard guys, you got this! Much love from C.O.

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