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photo by Thomas H.P. Jerusalem
photo by Thomas H.P. Jerusalem


Before I say anything else, I have to get this off my chest. Oliviah Starr is a prodigy. A special one at that. I’ve met a lot of kids that are ahead of their time; but none of them have had quite the same impact Oliviah has at such a young age. She’s currently the spokesperson for Live Out Loud’s anti-suicide campaign; on top of building a very promising modeling career and prepping to make her way into the music industry. Since starting to model at the age of 3, Oliviah’s been featured in Gothic Magazine Jr., Vogue Italia, and recently graced the runway at New York Fashion Week. Thankfully, Oliviah found some space in her schedule to catch up with us. Peep the lessons from the future superstar below.


Oliviah 1

So I hear you got into modeling at 3 years old. What has that been like?

“Starting out in modeling has been extremely fun. I started out in pageants. I love walking across the stage in different outfits or
costumes. I also love doing different types of photo shoots.”


What are some of the things you enjoy most about modeling?
“Some of the things I enjoy most about modeling are wearing different
designers’ clothes, walking the runway, making new friends, taking photos,
traveling, and making a change.”


oliviah vogue 2

You’ve been featured in Vogue Italia and Gothic Magazine Jr. so it’s safe
to say that you do some great work modeling. Was it difficult to get the
hang of modeling early on?

“Yes it was, just a bit, because I was
nervous and sometimes I got butterflies before I started; but my family is
always by my side and we would always pray before I got started.”

Have any of the different things you’re involved in had an effect on your

“Different things I’ve been involved with have had an effect on my
style; like being in pageants. I got to wear different outfits that showed
off my personality. When wearing designer clothes, you get to see if that
style fits you or not because they have different ideas”


Do you have any clothes that you love to wear a lot? Any favorite

“Yes. One of my favorite clothes I love to wear a lot is my shirt that
says ” I Decided to be Awesome Today”, because its really silly; and I
like my beige dress because it has a flowy thing on it, lol. My favorite
shoes are my gold shoes. Their so beautiful.”


When people see the way you dress, what do you want them to know about

“When people see the way that I dress, I want them to know that I’m cute, I’m creative, I’m awesome, I’m fun, I’m confident, and I’m smart.”



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