OT Interviews T. Woods on Texas Legends, the Music Industry, and Pushing Boundaries

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2015 has been a hell of a year; and 2016 will end the same way if Texas-born lyricist T. Woods has anything to say about it. T. Woods is due to release a new project that is sure to push boundaries and set him apart from other Southern MCs; and as Woods is prepping his latest effort, the pressure of coming up in a state with such a rich Hip-Hop legacy is something he has become well aware of. OT recently caught up with T. Woods to talk new music, Texas legends, and the artists helping him craft his sound.

Was there anything in particular that inspired you a lot while you were creating this project? Any artists or anything happening in pop culture?

TW: “Life inspired me.. Experience.. People… I take in everything when creating a project. The opportunity to create is inspiring in itself. I’ve been listening to a lot of Bryson tiller, Ty Dolla Sign, Drake, Kendrick, and J. Cole. I’ve been playing with a lot of melodies in my songwriting so I’ve kind of been channeling those guys and studying their styles. Not to mimic but to create my own sound.”


A lot of rap legends call Texas home. As you’re building momentum in the rap game, do you think a lot about the kind of artists that have come before you?

TW: “Yeah I do. Can’t let down the pioneers who paved they way. Would love to make a song with them one day.”


How much has you’re view of the music industry changed since you started making music?

TW: “A lot. Learned that it isn’t all about talent. Understanding the business is priority. That wasn’t something I paid much attention to before. I just did music because I loved it. Never thought I’d be in a position to make it my career, so I had to re-teach myself and be taught by others how to do this correctly.”

Are there any records/features on your next project that you’re really excited to share with the world?

TW: “Yes. I truly believe my song “Die Alone” will touch the world. It’s something that many people can relate to and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I have a few in the making as well that I’m excited about.”


How is your new EP going to be different from stuff you’ve worked on previously?


TW: “The overall sound will be different. I’m really pushing the boundaries with my song writing. The arrangements, melodies, concepts, and delivery are going to separate my sound from the pack. I hope they’re ready.”


If you aren’t ready, I suggest you change that……

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